Chicken Puff
  • Chicken Puff

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Shrimp Dumpling
  • Shrimp Dumpling

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Fried Meat Ball
  • Fried Meat Ball

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Siu Hau Jo
  • Siu Hau Jo

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Chaozhou Meat Dumpling
  • Chaozhou Meat Dumpling

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Vegetable Bun
  • Vegetable Bun

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BBQ Pork Bun
  • BBQ Pork Bun

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Shrimp Siu Mai
  • Shrimp Siu Mai

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Yummy Dim Sum Ltd, which established in 2003, invested huge resources and new machines in field. We have our own stock to manage food’s in-and-out, and a freezing store can keep the stock of food fresh. We also have vehicle team to make sure our customer have the first time delivery services, and the aspect of hygienic; it is a main concern for us. Clean the stock periodically and carry out laboratory test for food sample are strict routine job. Most of our chefs have been experience working in the Hotel in Hong Kong or oversea. They can tailor make for the special items as per request.

Quality Control

To ensure safety and quality of the Products for customers, the Company will do an inspection and Lab testing to make sure the field is in hygienically conditions. The company follows strictly the rules and regulation of the FOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL HYGIENE DEPARTMENT and our factory is compliance with ISO22000/HACCP. We have employed a quality controller and hygienist on board, who is only on sight to keep hygiene of our end products and production flow will incorporate HACCP/ISO22000 system in place.